Like Golf But Fun!

Mini Golf

what is mini

Holey Moley is Australia’s craziest and most unique mini golf venue, par none. Now we're en route to the USA for double the fun, so get ready to putt your stuff.

Forget the usual windmills and castles, putt through shark-infested waters and pop culture references. Each hole will keep you wanting more.

We have space for the whole crew, young, old, big, small – no worries. Everyone can putt their stuff around the course at Holey Moley.

Holey Moley mini golf is a putt above the rest.

our favourite holes

Makin' It Rain

This one's the money maker. Putt your way into a money machine and get a taste for what it's like to be a Holey Moley Millionaire

Morning Tee with Granny

Nothing like a morning of tea and cookies at gran's. Guide your way around granny's gadgets and, uh, putt your way into her bedpan.

Sugar, Slice, All things Nice

Get the camera ready! This may be the cutest hole we've ever made!

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