Holey Moley Golf Club Houston

Let's Tee off!

Yee-haa, Texas - Holey Moley Golf Club has come to Houston! We'll be serving up the craziest round of mini golf you've ever played - from the moment you tee off, to the final hole, you never know where you might end up.

Play up and kid around with our 'Kid in a Candy Shop' Hole, win big at the FORE in a row' hole, or live out a millionaire's dream by Makin' it Rain’.

Located on Weslayan St, Holey Moley is the craziest round of you've ever played.

Unleash your inner rockstar!

Step into the spotlight and let your inner rockstar shine in the karaoke rooms at Holey Moley Golf Club Houston! Our karaoke rooms are the perfect addition to your Holey Moley experience, offering a private and fully serviced space where you can sing your heart out without ever having to leave the room.

Booking your karaoke room online ensures that your spot is secured, allowing you to focus on preparing your killer performance rather than worrying about availability. Whether you're planning a small gathering with your closest pals or a larger celebration with a big group, our karaoke rooms can accommodate parties of all sizes, ensuring that everyone gets a chance to belt out their favorite tunes.

And speaking of tunes, we've got you covered with an extensive selection of songs that caters to all tastes and generations. From chart-topping hits to golden oldies, there's something for everyone to croon along to. Plus, you can also unleash your creativity and add your own lyrics as you serenade your friends with unforgettable performances.

But that's not all - our karaoke rooms also offer full-service options for food and drinks, including an array of delicious cocktails to keep the party going. So grab a mic, grab a drink, and get ready to rock the stage after your rounds of mini golf. At Holey Moley Golf Club Houston, every moment is a chance to create unforgettable memories with friends, laughter, and music!

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Activity Pricing

Check out our pricing for Holey Moley Houston activities below!

Mini Golf

Monday - Thursday

  • 9 Holes: $14

  • 18 Holes: $20

  • 27 Holes: $26

Friday - Sunday

  • 9 Holes: $14

  • 18 Holes: $26

  • 27 Holes: $36


Monday - Thursday

  • 1 hour: $80
  • 2 hours: $160

Friday - Sunday

  • 1 hour: $100
  • 2 hours: $200

Where to
find us

Suite 101, 3839 Weslayan St, Houston TX 77027

Food & Drink

Played up an appetite? Lucky for you, we're slinging delicious old-school Sand Wedges (get it?!) and snacks fit for Tiger Woods. If it's cocktails you're after, we've got that covered too. We've got our best caddies on the case, slignin' our famous signatures or classic cocktails to keep you hydrated on the green.

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before you come!

How long does the golf stuff take?

It's six shots maximum per hole. Rules are rules. This keeps the game going and stops you from embarrassing yourself too badly. A round of nine holes can take anywhere between 25–40 minutes.

Can I wear my golf outfit from home?

Umm...You absolutely can! In fact, we encourage it!

Can I just turn up?

You can, but fun times sell out fast, and we only have a very limited number of walk-ins available. We advise booking in advance to avoid disappointment.

Do I need to bring my ID?

Do I need to bring my ID?

Beginning at 8pm each night, all guests entering the venue must be over the age of 21 and have a valid ID. We accept issued Government forms of Identification, including driver’s license, passport, military ID, Identification card and immigration card. A second form of identification may be asked to be supplied.  

Can I bring the kids?

When in the venue, all children under the age of 13 MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. After 8pm, we are a 21+ only venue.

Before 8pm, children can participate in all activities in our venues at the discretion of their responsible parent or guardian. However, a parent or guardian could be required to accompany, supervise or assist with play.

What can we do before and after our rounds?

Channel your inner Maria Carey in one of our private karaoke rooms, or check out the amazing range of snacks, meals and cocktails at our onsite Caddyshack bar!

Can I cancel or change my booking?

We are able to change times and dates if you need to reschedule. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any refunds or cancellations.

To change or cancel your booking, contact us on (512) 377-9995

Do I need to bring anything?

Aside from a healthy sense of competitive spirit, you're good to go! If you've booked online, just bring your ticket. We'll email it to you when you book. Print it if you have to, but we're happy to scan it from your phone. Environmentally friendly and far less likely to be left at home!

What if I want to bring the whole squad (Party)?

Got a big group or company party planned? Give us a call on (512) 377-9995 or fill in our Par-Tee inquiry form here

Can I just turn up?

We accept walk-in bookings for mini-golf when space permits, but strongly recommend booking in advance, as spaces fill quickly. Make online reservations here.

However, no reservation is needed for bar and restaruant access only.

Is this venue BYOB?

No. But do not fear! We have a great selection of local craft beer and one-of-a-kind instagrammable cocktails and mocktails!

Do I need to bring my own golf clubs?

We got you covered! No need to bring anything but a great attitude!

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